What Are The Chia Seeds Side Effects?

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The "running food" or "endurance superfood" as it is often referred to as, chia seeds are the very same seeds that are sprouted to "grow hair" on the famous chia pet™. Often, the first time anyone even hears the word "chia", sadly it is in reference to the chia pet. Little is known of the health and medicinal benefits of the chia seed.

Chia is said to: provide 2x the protein of most other seeds and grains, provide 3x the antioxidant levels of blueberries, be a rich source of calcium and contain the mineral boron, which helps with the absorption and utilization of calcium, provide 3x the iron found in spinach, provide 2x more potassium than a banana. More commonly known about the chia is that it is an amazing source of essential fatty acids (the 'good' fats).

Additionally, adding chia seeds into the daily diet has shown to improve the nutrient absorption of all foods, including nutritional supplements. It has been used as an aid for GERD, ulcers, gastritis and also irritable bowel syndrome.

Possible Side Effects Of Chia

It is possible, that too many chia seeds can lower blood pressure in the elderly. Chia also offers a significant source of B vitamins, so it is important to be cautious if you are supplementing with any B supplements.

Although it is encouraged to consume these seeds because of the vast health benefits that have been recognized, there is still not enough known to come to a conclusion whether any side effects are cause for concern.

Some of the side effects noted in independent studies:

  • Some folks have noted an increase in flatulence upon consuming a handful of the seeds. The high fiber content could easily be to blame for this effect.
  • It has been seen that those that have allergies towards mustard seeds have often seen reaction when eating chia.
  • Being an abundant source of Omega 3's which have the potential to thin the blood, some researchers suggest that those who are taking blood thinners, hemophiliacs, those planning a surgery, and those on an aspirin regimen may best to avoid chia seeds.
  • Coming from the 'Salvia' family, some experts suggest not taking chia daily as it may have addictive properties when taking consistently in large quantities.
  • The side effects of chia seeds with pregnant women have not been tested significantly, so it's best not to consume chia while pregnant or lactating to be on the safe side.

Like any dietary change, it is always best to seek the advice of a health professional beforehand.

Adhering to the following doses should help you steer clear of any of the potential negative aspects of consuming these seeds.

For adults, taking 2 tablespoons of ground or soaked chia a day for 3 weeks out of each month is potentially a safe dose, half that for children. To assist in heart health, perhaps doubling the suggested adult dose would be helpful.

But again: it is always best to seek the advice of a health professional beforehand.

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Weight loss tools abound these days, and a popular approach to dieting now includes adding natural foods that are full of health benefits. One example of such a tool is the chia seed. Chia seeds health benefits include healthy omega oils and are also hydroliphic, meaning that they absorb water. Chia seeds can absorb more than ten times their weight in water which makes them a great asset for keeping people hydrated. In addition to that, the seeds form a gel when they are mixed with water and this gel can act as a blocker in the digestive system, allowing some foods to be blocked from being absorbed, which in turn results in fewer calories taken in.

The Bad Points

While it may be true that there are Chia seeds health benefits, there may also be some cons associated with using this product. Several reviewers of this product stated that weight loss did not seem to be resulting from eating the seeds, however they were able to notice a change in their overall health. Other reviewers reported that when they ate the chia in gel form they would get sick to their stomachs, but found that mixing the seeds in yogurt was a great way to eat them. Another gripe of the consumers is that the poor packaging has the potential to cause you to lose almost one tenth of the product.

The Good Points

It then goes without saying that Chia seeds health benefits do indeed have pros. Many reviewers have noticed a remarkable change in their digestive system after consuming this product. Others have mentioned that they can get more energy from these seeds than they can from a Red Bull energy drink. It has also been said that the gel created from mixing the seeds with water works well as a substitute for oils and fats in cooking. In addition, the seeds are filling and full of fiber.


As you can see, there are many Chia seeds health benefits, and they seem to be worth consuming even if you are not trying to lose weight. When your body is healthy, it will eventually release weight.

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Chia Seeds ???

Can I take chia seed oil capsules and get the same health benefits as eating raw chia seeds?

I don't like the taste of chia seeds and wanted an easy way to take them. I would prefer to swallow some pills to get them but the only ones I have found are OIL extracts from chia seeds. Will I still be getting the same benefits by swallowing chia oil capsules as I would if I ate raw chia seeds?

The oil in chia seeds is almost all polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), mainly omega 3 fatty acids. PUFAs are fragile & oxidize (go rancid) quickly when exposed to air. I do not recommend PUFAs that are not in whole food sources. I do not recommend PUFAs in vegetable oils, including chia seed oil.

I would rather see you get empty capsules & put whole chia seeds in the capsules & swallow BUT chia seeds swell up to 10x their size when exposed to moisture & I have concerns about them getting stuck in the throat or extracting moisture from the body.

I can't imagine anyone not liking chia seeds. I add hydrated chia seeds to everything. In Mexico, they add chia seed to lemonade and call it chia fresca and it is addicting.

I make a green drink with spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass & kelp with lemon juice & stevia & add rehydrated chia seed gel and drink this all day.

Faux tapioca - 2 cups of water, 5 scoops of low carb whey protein powder, stir together & add cup of chia seeds, after they have started to absorb the water, add in 2 cans of coconut milk & sweetener if you like and mix it all in. Can be eaten after an hour but will be better tomorrow. Cream a pkg. of cream cheese into a can of pumpkin and add to the faux tapioca for an even more nutritious pumpkin pie pudding.

I make a "porridge" as suggested by Dr.Mercola with low carb whey powder & water, I add ground flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, coconut milk, tahini (ground sesame seeds) & raw egg. All seeds & nuts are raw & soaked to germinate them.

Chia seeds sound so expensive but 1# will make 10# food. I buy in bulk from getchia.com for $5# with free shipping. They have a special right now, 3# for $20 of 12# for $60 ($5#) which includes ship costs.

Chia seeds - 3.5 oz is nearly 500 calories, half calories from fat (high in Omega3 fatty acids) 38g fiber 151%DV & 16grams of COMPLETE protein for 6grams carbs & 63% DV Calcium - 95% Phosphorus - 23% Zinc - 9% Copper - 108% Manganese. & many of the same vitamins as flax seeds.

Ground flax seed (4 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg - let sit 10 min. to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle & nuke 2 minutes. For daily fiber needs.

Flax seed - 3.5oz - 534 cal - 65% calories from fat (high in Omega3 fatty acids) for 2gram carb - 27g fiber 109%DV - 26% DV Calcium - 64% Phosphorus - 29% Zinc - 61% Copper - 124% Manganese - 36% Selenium - 98% Magnesium - 32% Iron - 110% Thiamin - 9% B2 Riboflavin - 15% B3 Niacin - 24% Vit.B6 - 22% Folate - 10% Vit.B5.- 39% Potassium

Amazing Healing Properties of Chia Seeds

When I was in my early 20's I was diagnosed with Graves Disease or Hyperthyroidism. This diagnoses took three different doctors to figure out why my energy was so low and why I was gaining weight even though I ate like a bird. I was so uncomfortable with myself and probably wasn't thinking very well either. Thankfully, while getting a pap smear a nurse recognized my problem and sent me to an Internal Medical Doctor. I was given three options to get healthy.

* Cut out my enlarged thyroid
* Have radiation treatments
* Take a little white pill with a long name

I chose the little white pill and managed to get well through sheer will. However, Two years passed before I totally felt myself again and was told because of the type of condition I had, there was a 50/50 chance I would relive this disease. Then and there, I started learning about a more natural way to stay healthy.

I believe stress was a major player on why I contracted this disease in the first place. I was in an abusive marriage and working for a very toxic company. But, I did heal or so I thought. Throughout the years, I have had lots of PMS. Nothing too severe but I never did have regular menstrual cycles and I believe it had to do with the condition of my thyroid. I started a regime of vitamins, bodywork, (massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu- form of acupressure) soaking in hot springs, etc. All this helped tremendously.

However, about 3 years ago, my upper lip started swelling and I wasn't even injecting Botox! My poor lip did not feel good at all. Fortunately, I found Chia Seeds through Mike Adam's newsletter on natural news and ordered a package. Within a few weeks, my top lip normalized and I was able to apply lipstick again without my lip burning. But, other benefits emerged from taking this tiny seed that I never would have imagined. My complexion cleared, my energy levels stabilized and my appetite leveled off.

Below, I describe even more benefits of this forgotten food. Perhaps, it can help you also on your path to wellness.

Chia seeds contain more than 60% Omega-3 fatty acids and have the highest percentage of Omega-3 of any commercially available source, according to Dr. Wayne Coats, perhaps the world's foremost educator on Chia seeds.

Remember Chia pets? This is the same material, only you won't be growing a plant. I only ask you to soak the seeds in water and watch them swell. The seeds are tasteless and odorless and therefore won't go rancid, are easy to store, easy to use, and are not contaminated with pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals. Add one tablespoon chia into an eight-ounce glass of water or juice, let sit about five minutes, stir, and drink. Chia turns into a gel, which can be added to jams, jellies, peanut butter, milkshakes, nut spreads, smoothies, hot or cold cereals, yogurt, mustard, catsup, tartar sauce, barbecue sauces or anything else you can think of.

This is an ancient food source recently rediscovered that was known for its endurance. "Chia" is the Mayan word for strength. Chia seeds had been a staple for the American Native people for centuries (long before the Chia Pet hit the market). The Aztecs considered it to be extremely valuable for healing - from cleaning the eyes to helping heal wounds, topically, to relieving joint pain and so on. Aztec warriors would eat chia during hunting trips, and the Indians of the Southwest would eat only chia seed mixed with water as they ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean to trade products.

These tiny black seeds contain large amounts of B vitamins and calcium. In roughly two ounces of chia (100 grams), there are 600 milligrams of calcium, contrasted with 120 milligrams of calcium in the same amount of milk. That's five times as much calcium than milk!

Chia also contains boron which aids in the metabolism of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus for bones and muscle growth. Since our nation's soil is so boron depleted, we simply are not getting enough of this mineral in our daily diets. Boron also can increase the levels of natural estrogen.

Chia seeds gel-forming property is a dieter's dream because the seeds slows digestion and sustains balanced blood sugar levels, which can be helpful in preventing or controlling Diabetes. Water-soaked chia seeds are easily digested which results in rapid transport of chia nutrients to the tissues for use by the cells.

For the dieter, this means feeling full with no more peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels. Because the Chia seed produces a thick mucilage in water, it absorbs up to 30 times its weight in water. This means that once its in the body, debris from the intestinal walls flakes off to be eliminated efficiently and regularly. A daily dose of chia seed provides an excellent fiber source and most people notice a different in less than a week.

More Reasons to Eat Chia

* 2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
* 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas
* 3 times the reported antioxidant strength of blueberries
* 3 times more iron than spinach

One woman reportedly manages her Acid Reflux with chia because of the highly absorbent properties. She swallows a Tsp of dry seeds with just a little water. Then drinks a glass of water a few minutes later, so the seeds can do their job of absorbing the acid in her stomach. It is necessary to drink enough water after taking the chia because if there isn't enough liquid in your stomach, the seed will draw from the tissues instead. By allowing the seeds to first absorb the acid and drinking more water, this woman is able to very simply, effectively and cheaply handle her condition.

I've been incorporating at least two tablespoons of chia seed into my diet everyday. The gray in my hair has diminished and the original color is resurfacing, I no longer have numbness in my fingers when I wake up in the middle of the night, my fingernails are noticeably harder and aren't chipping or breaking any longer, the swelling of my top lip is no longer an issue and I am not experiencing any hot flash symptoms. Need I say more?

Other medical conditions Chia Seeds may relieve:

* Celiac disease
* Depression
* Headaches - Are you tired of those constant migraines?
* Heart Attacks
* Lowers cholesterol - no cholesterol
* Lyme Disease
* High blood pressure
* Panic Attacks

Chia is a valuable nutrient for your pets too! This tiny black seed isn't just for people; dogs, cats and even horses will benefit by the elements found in this seed. I can attest to that. My 11 year tabby cat has had an intestinal problem since she was young, but since I have been adding 1/4 teaspoon mixed into her food, she no longer vomits after every meal. Which is nice to not have to clean up.

Isn't it time to introduce Chia seeds into your diet for a healthier you? Your local health food store may carry Chia Seeds however, I found them less expensive online.

And one more note about Chia Pets. Even though Chia seeds are too sticky for conventional sprouting jars, they do sprout very easily when spread out on earthenware. The Mexicans have long made earthenware in the shapes of Chia Pets, and yes, you can eat the sprouts that grow on the Chia Pet. They taste like watercress (but better), and are full of vitamins and minerals, just like the seeds.

Sharron Calvin is a natural alternative healthcare copywriter and marketing consultant for small businesses. Learn even more about the benefits of Chia seeds through an extended version of "The Amazing Healing Properties of Chia Seeds", http://www.squidoo.com/The-Benefits-of-Chia-Seeds

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